We help Gamers find PROs
to become their personal trainers, teammates and friends
We help Gamers find PROs
to become their personal trainers, teammates and friends
LF Subscribers spend from 8 to 20 hours a week playing with their Pros. Our program consists of:
10% lessons and 20% feedback exchange in the form of VOD reviews, content, and training grounds.
70% experiential: Most of the sessions happen in Battle Royale, Pubs, or Ranked with your Pros.
LFSL eSports experience
We organize private lobby tournaments for our Subscribers and their Pros.

Well-trained LF Seniors play with their Pro teammates in stable stacks against similar composite teams.

Warzone and Apex tournaments every month, each with a prize pool from $5,000 to $20,000.
Your gaming feats that will forever remain in memory
Trophies for Titles and Milestones
Community and Friends Recognition
Tournament Champion Rings
What the media says about LF:
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For our Pros

We Hire 20k + Kills / Predators / 4KD + Players
Who loves people and wants to make a living by playing games
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What is Legionfarm Service About?
Legionfarm is a service that lets you play with a pro. It’s a simple definition, yet with a layer of complexity and depth that isn’t always in plain view. We help gamers around the world to increase their skill in such games as Apex Legends or CoD: Warzone by teaming them up with the most talented professional gamers from both games. Together they forge true friendship and comradery, win many battles and kill lots of enemies. But most importantly, our PROs work with our clients to improve their personal skills, helping them become better players and even providing them with the opportunity to enter real tournaments!

Our main products include Apex Legends coaching – created for aspiring players seeking assistance and guidance from Apex Predators. This insanely popular BR gets increasingly more complex with each season. So, if you are tired of finishing your matches with 15th placement and above, this service is for you. Our coaches will teach you everything you need to know to win matches and be in the last squad alive.

Warzone coaching is a similar service for CoD fans. This game has over 100 weapons and even more builds for them. Knowing which weapons to use with which tactics are a difficult task. And making correct, live-saving split-second decisions can only be taught by our PROs. They’ll turn you into a high-skilled operator, and you’ll never have to see the inside of Gulag ever again!
About Our Team: How to Play with Pros?
What sets us apart from our competitors is, without a doubt, our roster of insanely talented professional players. There’s simply no one better. We have big names such as N8ify, a Warzone player with over 90k kills. All of our pros available through the Warzone LFG have at least 20k+ kills in the game with an over 4.0 K/D ratio. They are dedicated, friendly, and love aiding players to achieve greatness.

The same goes for our madly gifted Apex PROs whose kill count goes as far as over 90k+ with the highest achieved rank of Apex Predators. These are the kind of players you want to get Apex Legends tips from first-hand. They will help you realize your strengths and focus on them. That way, you’ll be able to get more kills and win more games, as a result, increase your personal Apex Legends stats. And you are guaranteed to improve because all of our PROs are highly competitive gamers who know how to achieve things. The only thing that separates them from the rest of the competitive community is the absence of an inflated ego. Everyone you will potentially play with will be extremely polite, friendly, and will not run away to farm frags. That’s a guarantee.
How to Rank Up Faster With LF Senior Subscription?
We offer 3 subscription plans to choose from:
Pay as you go – is when you simply top up your balance to continue playing.
Standard – weekly charges and a lot of additional benefits, including cashback and customer protection.
LF Senior – the monthly premium subscription plan with the most advantages.
Fairly recently, we have introduced a whole new way of playing with our pros – the Senior Subscription. With it, you get to play with a pro on an entirely new level. This is a gaming experience like no other. A personalized training program will be designed specifically with your qualities in mind. As a Senior, you’ll be spending around 14 hours per week playing together with your coach. That quality time will be divided into:
10% of theory lessons – to up your knowledge on the game, letting you on some of the best Warzone tips and techniques known to a select few.
20% of feedback exchange – our PROs will review your progress and make VOD analysis while also practicing with you on the training grounds.
70% of practical sessions – the best way to learn is always through practice, so expect lots of pubs or ranked matches with your personal coach!
All of that will help you advance through tiers of our own title system by winning and increasing your Warzone stats, letting you unlock higher tiers to show off to your

Finally, last but not least – you’ll have the opportunity to take part in our own eSports championship with your PRO coach and fight for real prizes! But, more on that later.
How Does The Process of Coaching Work?
We offer a nice onboarding process if you wish to try out our services, such as CoD Warzone coaching. You’ll be invited to explore our services through a special trial program where our managers will help you find the perfect PRO for your needs. The entire trial version includes:
A short, 10-15 min call with our manager who will describe to you our services in great detail and help you identify your goals and hopes for playing with a pro.
You’ll be able to play with different PRO players and find someone who clicks with you.
Together, you will play ranked or unranked modes, winning and learning as you would with the regular service.
A PRO will help you make a custom development plan for future improvement.
Get a chance to compete in our exclusive LFSL tournaments with your PRO.
Once the trial is over and you enjoyed your time, you can simply choose the subscription plan that suits you and continue to play with your coach! The same, of course, applies to Apex Legends coaching services as well. As a part of our onboarding process, the trial will let you experience the full extent of our services and enjoy its many benefits. You’ll build a connection with your coach and have a great time together!
What Are LFSF eSports Tournaments?
Both Standard and Senior subscribers and the trial users (yes!) are eligible to participate in our own, self-sponsored Legionfarm Senior League tournament, also known as the LFSL tournament! There are two types of events:
Online – a private lobby organized by us for subscribers and our pros. These are monthly events with a prize pool ranging from 5,000$ to 20,000$!
Offline – a grand event set on arenas in various locations around the world. It will feature real trophies and grand after-parties!
The Apex Legends tournament will have its own schedule, but in essence, it will be very similar to CoD Warzone tournaments. Both types of events are the perfect way for our customers and subscribers to showcase what they have learned by playing with our PROs. We aim to create a strong bond between a customer and a pro. Therefore, these tournaments will help us create a special community composed of gamers with different skills but with one goal in mind.
We already have held two of these tournaments, one for each game. But, fear not – the next event is coming very soon! Check our tournament page for more info!
We’ve designed a lineup of trophies for Legionfarm tournaments. They include a special, personalized keepsake with a nameplate and the achievement. But our most precious prize will be awarded to the holders of high placements – the Champion Rings!
With all of that said, we would like to welcome you to Legionfarm.com and wish you good luck and great victories!
COD: Warzone
Tournament $6000
18.09 4pm GMT
It's totally free
Apex Legends
Tournament $6000
18.09 4pm GMT
It's totally free