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Friendly staff, great service for a specific request!
Excellent service! Was able to get a custom service and quote for my Fortnite skin leveling needs, with friendly and available staff. I'll definitely be coming back again!
I wanted to have fun, and that’s exactly what i got… i wanted to learn positioning… and that’s exactly what i got… You’re not going pro in one day…. But they’ll help you get one step closer…. Maybe even 2 steps!
I wanted to have fun
Epic community.
Solid coaches, friendly people.
It's not just a platform or a service...
It's a family.
All those people rock. Managers, Admins, the Support and of course the Pros, Aspirants and even Clients.
Thank you Legionfarm
Legionfarm.. The family
Craig Carson
Adolfo Rodriguez
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Dab Like A PRO With Fortnite Coaching

Fortnite needs no introduction. The world’s most popular and most successful BR game of all time has literally billions of fans worldwide. Undoubtedly, two things make Fortnite what it is today - the flashy, cell-shaded visual style and the building mechanic that adds incredible depth to a vanilla battle royale experience. The game is incredibly hard to master despite the casual look, which is why it has a quite massive competitive scene. Do you want to learn how to play Fornite like a PRO? Then you need to team up with one of our best Fortnite coaches!

We’re extremely excited to introduce our much anticipated Fortnite coaching services, where fans of the game can finally find professional help for improving one’s skills. Whether you just want to win more games in general, or you are determined to become just as good as your favorite competitive Fortnite players, our Fortnite coach is exactly what you need.

It can be exhilarating at times to play against someone who is better than you. Sometimes it feels like everyone in your lobby plays on a higher level than you, and you don’t stand a chance of winning. But improving your skills is actually much easier than you think, especially if you work with the best Fortnite coaches that we have on our roster.

Improve With Fortnite LFG

It is really difficult to win a match in Fortnite, especially if you are a new player. This game is a mix of survival, shooter, and building elements. In order to get kills, you have to become as comfortable with these mechanics as an average Fortnite player. This takes a lot of time and practice. Of course, you could team up with a random player through the Fortnite LFG, which is an in-game system that finds your teammates if you select duos, trios, or quads. Watching how your teammates play will be instrumental in your own skill advancement. But there’s no guarantee that each time you use Fortnite looking for group functionality, you’ll get a skilled player worthy of learning from.

The good news is that people improve much faster than you might expect. Usually, the more hours you pour into playing the game, the better you become. This form of passive improvement is guaranteed but very slow and ineffective. Thanks to our new Fortnite LFG site, you will be able to find a professional player who will put you through a unique training program designed to address the things that you need to work on specifically. This is the best kind of training you can do in any game. Playing the same game for a long time does help somewhat too, but keep in mind that some people improve at a much higher pace than others. It is much easier and faster to have someone coach you. That’s why we created a Fortnite LFG server on Discord, where you can team up with your coach for the best play sessions you ever had! Once you find your coach on our website, you’ll get access to the Fortnite LFG Discord server with various channels where you can meet the rest of our community.

Play With Dankest PRO Fortnite Gamers!

Playing Fortnite doesn’t have to be stressful. All you need is a good team, and you’ll have tons of fun and, most importantly - wins! Forget all about amateur teammates that know only how to brag about the skins that they bought during the last sale. You deserve to play with the best Fortnite players. All you need to do is decide whether you’re looking for a casual gaming experience or some hardcore coaching slash training sessions, and we’ll show you all of our Fortnite PRO players who are currently online. From there, it's just as easy as teaming up with your friends. You boot up Discord, get into the voice channel and start playing!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop into one of our online lobbies and start winning right now! Find out more about our community and our goals at and join the family!

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