Junior Academy of Gaming
and Media Entertainment Program for your Kids and teens
Is your child into video games?
Do you want them to become better?
Do you want them to start monetise their hobbies?
You think your kid wasting their time on gaming?
That's NOT true!
It's a fact that gaming helps in improving soft and hard skills
  • socialization
  • team leadership
  • scheduling
  • stress tolerance
  • and much more
Games improves communication and speaking skills
Through games, your child learns to be a leader and prioritize tasks and objectives on the go! By communicating with others and talking to them their Speech will be improved as well!
What we offer
3 tracks of your kids development in Gaming and Media Spheres
Opportunity for a child to start earning on their hobby
With a Program designed to be from 6 Months to 3 Years! With at least 4 hours a week
Your kids will be playing and learning with best Coaches and Creators!
Professionals in their areas as a mentors and trainers!
Our Coaches will be checking your kids progress, and give best environment for their growth and development!
Progress tracking and skill tests
Soft and hard skills improvement
Your kid will start monetizing his hobby while learning already
Personal approach to each participant
Based on your kids skills Coach will be making unique learning plan and schedule to improve and hone your kids skills
Ad contracts
How to work with platform monetization
Speaking skills
How to act in front of camera
Create content for any social media (Twitch, YT, Tik Tok)
They are earning
We are teaching
Platform monetization
Streaming set up
Content creator
Creation and sell of a personal coaching program
Best platforms to earn money
Coaching program creation
Analyze your student
Become a professional coach in any game. Help other people to grow.
They are earning
We are teaching
Earn money through online coaching
How to teach and explain to others
Game coach
Access to a world known esports teams
Develop a training plan for a major tournaments
Build a strategy on your earnings
Continuous improvements
Be a team leader
Become a famous esport athlete in a competitive games
They are earning
We are teaching
Stable income within regular mini tournaments
Focus on personal skills like scheduling and discipline
E-sport player
a Month
in 12 installments
Choose intro or start right away
2.5-hour session to check out our service
Meet and play with a PRO to see how it works
Our PRO Coach will help them decide on which path it is better to go for them and a possibility to supervise for the parent
Intro session
Access to the top eSports, Content and Educational platforms and organisations
Support 24/7. Help you and your kid
Gamification of educational process
for 12 months
Personal approach
Junior Academy of Gaming Program
Progress tracking
Professional PRO coaches
Unique content
From 4 hours per week
a Month in 12 installments
From 208 hours per year
Any questions?
Leave your details and we will contact you to discuss the program for your child!
and his father
My son loves playing videogames. I decided to be supportive and started to play CoD with him. At some point, I decided to hire a PRO at Legionfarm. I started to notice how quickly my son developed by playing with the coach. 4 months later, my son won his first tournament. Now he streams professionally and plays with the most popular gamers on the same team. It was his idea to become a PRO at gaming, and I’m happy that I decided to support it. He is great in school, amazing at soccer, and now also a pretty good CoD player.
He won his first tournament with a $2000 prize at 12 years old
The father of @Fraizer
He started to play with Legionfarm's coaches a couple of years ago. Now he is earning money on his own and is successful in school and sports.
Meet our student @Fraizer
Make friends, train, learn from experience
Meet our coaches
Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 3,754 reviews
The press about us
LegionFarm, A B2C Esports Y Combinator Startup, Enables Amateurs To Be Trained By Professional Gamers
The San Francisco company employs almost a thousand pro gamers, who make real money as mercenaries in games
This 24-year-old earns $3,000 a month as a professional video game coach—here’s what it’s like
Legionfarm is the turn-key platform for Pro Gamers to earn while keep playing for fun
Legionfarm, pairing pro gamers with amateurs, raises $6 million Series A
Developer of a gaming assistance platform designed to provide coaching services for gamers
I had so much fun and learned so much…
I had so much fun and learned so much playing with Salama and Azreeeal! I was hardly stuck in Platinum IV, and by playing with them I was able to make it to the Diamond Rank quickly.
Legionfarm PROs worth every $
It has been wonderful being able to use professionals with more experience to help advance my game style by improving my situational awareness, and learning how to properly rotate to take the best position to win gun fights.
This is quite an awesome place
This is quite an awesome place, I've learned and grown so much since I started using the services and actually made friends with several PROs, what a great group of guys and service!
Play an intro session with a coach and your child
Enhance your child’s skills! Admire how they are growing! Play together