Help your child monetize their hobby
To get the full information on the ways that gaming benefits children.

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What is The Junior Academy of Gaming?
A thorough plan on how to monetize
a hobby
Online classes with qualified specialists
Improvement of your child's soft and hard skills
a Month
in 12 installments
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2.5-hour session to check out our service
Meet and play with a PRO to see how it works
Our PRO Coach will help them decide on which path it is better to go for them and a possibility to supervise for the parent
Intro session
Access to the top eSports, Content and Educational platforms and organisations
Support 24/7. Help you and your kid
Gamification of educational process
for 12 months
Personal approach
Junior Academy of Gaming Program
Progress tracking
Professional PRO coaches
Unique content
From 4 hours per week
a Month in 12 installments
From 208 hours per year

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