Hi, folks!

We hope everyone’s doing great. We’ve got important news for you!

We’re glad to announce that our “Play to Earn” program is evolving and, thanks to your interest and feedback, is now coming to the next stage. But let’s talk about one thing at a time.

Firstly, in order to continue earning LF Coins for kills in Warzone, you need to do so by playing sessions with our PROs. Other options are no longer available, meaning that you’ll be able to receive LF Coins only during the said sessions. The purpose of this change is to let you earn more than you did before. Thus, if you play with our professional gamers without “LEGIONFARM” added to your nickname, you’ll receive 1 LF Coin per kill. If you play with PROs and have the word “LEGIONFARM” in your nickname, you’ll receive 2 LF Coins for each kill. You can read more about the system here in the “You will get more LF Coins and fun by playing sessions with our PROs” section:

Secondly, to add some new tools and make sure a new counting system works fine, we will pause the program for a few days on April 21, 2022. But don’t worry, we’ll resume it, and nothing will stop you from receiving new LF Coins further.

Also, let us clarify: all of the LF Coins you’ve already earned remain and are not going anywhere. So, if you, for any reason, cannot or don’t want to participate in the program further, you still will be able to withdraw Coins once we add the needed feature to your account in May. We will let you know when it becomes available.

Finally, during the next seven days, you can top up your LF balance with LF Coins in double amounts. For example, instead of $20, you’ll get $40 for 150 LF Coins.

And those of you who were collecting LF Coins to get an invitation to the Legionfarm Aspirant program and managed to earn 2000+ of them become the candidates whose application will be reviewed primarily. We’ll contact you via Discord.

The new version of the program will be launched soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you all for participating! Please feel free to contact our support managers if you have any questions.