By playing CoD:WZ with us, you're saving on psychologist
Tired of the constant stress and anxieties of life, and playing Warzone only increases them? If you feel that you're always tired, irritated, and can't sleep well at night because of it, we can help you manage these feelings.
We have created a community of people that have overcome these problems by playing Warzone.

That's why we know for sure that these gamers will help you defeat anxiety and overwhelming depression.

Legionfarm is the home to the PRO players.
We have massive experience and knowledge of what entertains people in video games.

Our platform counts 5000+ professional players who can adapt to any type of customers. They, like no one else, understand your feelings and how crucial it is for you to have a positive emotion after a gaming session.
What makes our PROs so great:
Our players create a friendly atmosphere, and there is no room for toxicity in your session. If you are not in the mood, they know what to do to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Discuss any topic as if you were with your loved ones. All our players have a high level of empathy, and they know how to find an approach to each person.
If you prefer, you don't have to talk and simply enjoy the gameplay and the skills of the PROs
5K+ Pros on our platform
World's #2 in kills. #1 in CoDTV Tournament, #2 in Twitch Rivals Trios Kills Race, #3 in 2v2 Wagers
TOP-10 in the Turkish Warzone leaderboard. Caldera Trios world record holder.
TOP-10 in the Turkish Warzone leaderboard. Twitch Rivals #1 in Turkey.
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Legionfarm community is united by a mission: create 1 million new jobs inside Metaverse
The San Francisco company employs almost a thousand pro gamers, who make real money as mercenaries in games
Legionfarm, pairing pro gamers with amateurs, raises $6 million Series A
This 24-year-old earns $3,000 a month as a professional video game coach—here's what it's like
LegionFarm, A B2C Esports Y Combinator Startup, Enables Amateurs To Be Trained By Professional Gamers
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