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I had so much fun and learned so much…
I had so much fun and learned so much playing with Salama and Azreeeal! I was hard stuck Platinum IV and playing with them I was able to quickly make it to Diamond Rank. I feel so much more confident in my ranked games after playing with them, and would highly recommend Legionfarm!
It has been wonderful being able to use professionals with more experience to help improve my gamestyle by improving my situational awareness, and how to properly rotate to take the best position to win gun fights.
Legion Farm Pros worth every $
This is quite the awesome place, i've learned and grown so much since I started using the services and actually made friends with several of the Pro's, what a great group of guys and service!
This is quite the awesome place
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Valorant Coaching is Here!

Valorant is a relatively new game from an already legendary development studio, Riot Games, the creators of the most successful MOBA game League of Legends. Riot went all in to create the definitive competitive FPS game. It combines the gameplay mechanics of an old-school CS 1.6 with heroes and their abilities, creating this fresh mix with flawless execution. Of course, Riot pays homage to the competitive scene and its players with the yearly Champions tournament, where the best Valorant players are written down in the history of the game’s journey and celebrated for years.

And now, you have the best opportunity to join this community and show off what you’re made of in this game, thanks to our brand-new Valorant coaching site. Whatever your goals for Valorant may be, our professional coaches will help you achieve them. If you’re slowly making your way through the ranked system and your end goal is the Ascendant or even Immortal, then you definitely need a Valorant coach who will assist you and train you to be ready to take those ranks. However, if you just want to get a bit better at the game and play with more experienced and reliable teammates, then this is the place for you! All you have to do is hop into one of the ongoing lobbies through the valorant coaching server on Discord, and you’re good to go!

Make The Most of Valorant LFG Services

This competitive FPS game is definitely not a casual game. It might look cartoony with all of its flashy cast of characters, but make no mistake - at its core, Valorant has the very same mechanics as that one old competitive shooter everyone brags about playing back in the day. When matchmaking, the LFG Valorant system will find you four teammates who will be playing with you. This means that you have to take into consideration things like bullet penetration, specific spots to throw flash bangs, and use other tactical abilities to make the most out of them. You have to know that your weapon’s bullet spread is way bigger if you shoot while moving or that it’s faster to switch to your sidearm than reload your main weapon. Mastering all of that, along with the team play and tactics, is going to take a lot of time and effort. That is exactly why you do need someone who can help you become more effective at increasing your skills in this game. Thanks to our personalized Valorant coaching plans, you will be training like a champion!

What a lot of gamers don’t know about personalized coaching is how effective the live feedback can be. If you watch any of the guides online on how to improve your skills, they’ll all tell you to watch the replayers of your previous games and try understanding what went wrong. There’s no other way to do it after playing with random teammates found in the Valorant team finder. One of the things that our coaches do for you even as you play. You’ll see that this kind of feedback is the most helpful, as it’s unique. No more general tips that don’t really help anyone. As a PRO player, your coach will be able to identify your strengths and some of the things that you need to work on. They’ll help you find the character that best suits your playstyle and teach you how to play Valorant on the highest level.

Become One of The Best Valorant Players

You’d be surprised how fast gamers grow from average competitors to semi-PROs with our Valorant PRO coaching! All it takes is the right coach and a good training plan. Once you’re more confident in your skills, you’re going to need to find a good team. Playing with random teammates might suffice for lower ranks and casual matches. But if you want to achieve more, you’re going to need someone you know and someone you can trust. The ability of your team to play as a unit is incredibly important, so much so that it will directly affect your personal stats, such as K/D ratio or win rate. Our Valorant looking for group system will help you find your team.

With our very own Valorant LFG, you will be put in the best team consisting of you and some of our best players, including your coach, of course. Being a part of an experienced team will teach you the right team dynamic that you will be able to carry with you to create your own team. Things like correct callouts and effective positioning of characters during attack or defense are some of the things that you’ll learn along the way. And let’s not forget about having fun! It is imperative to make sure that everyone is enjoying their time. This is the kind of skill you can pick up using our Valorant LFG Discord if you want to become a team captain.

Valorant is a new breed of competitive FPS shooters, one that can be thoroughly enjoyed by casual and hardcore players alike. So come join us and play with our Valorant PRO players. Turn your gaming passion into an unforgettable experience. Find your team, get some frags, wins, make new friends, learn from the PROs, and have a great time with Valorant coaching at!

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